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November 2005

Our Commitment to Privacy

Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC) is committed to protecting the privacy of information provided to us by our members and contributors. The following privacy policy has been developed by JVC so that our members and contributors can better understand the information that we need from them, and so that they can consent to our collection, use and retention of this information. These information handling procedures reflect the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act.

Information Collected by JVC

In the course of our day to day operations the JVC will request and obtain from its members and contributors certain information such as contact particulars: name, address, phone, fax, email, billing information, complaint information. Other information may be requested and provided by members and contributors if they choose. Any such information received by us is treated as confidential and is subject to the terms of our privacy policy.

Use of Information Collected by JVC

JVC uses this information for the purpose for which it was submitted such as handling complaints, billing program participation and replying to enquiries and JVC may use this information to provide operational notices, program record keeping and to conduct research on our industry practices. This may lead to JVC publicizing aggregate data but will not result in the publishing or reporting of any personal data provided to us except as noted below. JVC members and contributors may add or remove their name from JVC’s mailing list by contacting us at

Sharing of Information Collected by JVC

Information may be shared with our legal advisors and with other third party service providers assisting us with member services or providing advice or assistance to JVC generally. All third party advisors and service providers shall be prohibited from using the information for any purpose except for providing the services requested by JVC. We are, and any third party advisors and service providers to JVC are prohibited from selling, sharing, or otherwise transferring member information to any other third parties. We will not disclose such information for any other purpose with the following exceptions:

  • Where required by law or regulation;
  • Where requested by a government agency conducting investigations or other proceedings;
  • Where an indication of potentially fraudulent activity, deceptive or misleading activity or potentially unlawful activity that a governmental agency should be made aware of.

Information Security

JVC will maintain information in a secure environment. We will employ reasonable means to protect the information against loss, unauthorized disclosure, and unauthorized access. We will train our staff so that they are aware of the requirements of this policy and we shall require their adherence to this policy in their conduct of JVC business. If we need to transmit data containing your information we will take reasonable measures to protect the data during transmission.

Information Accuracy

We will make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information collected from and maintained by us. Any member or contributor may contact our business office to enquire about the information pertaining to the member. We will promptly correct any record shown to us to be incorrect.

Privacy Officer

Our Privacy Officer can be reached at our office using any one of the following means:
Mail: 27 Queen St. East
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2M6

Attention: Privacy Officer

Consent to Collect and Use of Information

We will consider that you consent to the information collected by us in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy unless you advise us otherwise. You may also withdraw your consent to our continued retention of your information or advise us that certain information provided by you at any item is not to be retained or saved except for information, which we need in order to approve and continue the approval of membership or as a contributor to JVC.

tel: 1.800.636.9536
e-mail at:

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