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Jewellers Vigilance Canada

Strengthening the Canadian jewellery and watch industry

JVC has served the Canadian jewellery and watch industry since 1987. During that time we have strived to fulfill our mandate to advance ethical practices, establish a level playing field for the Canadian jewellery and watch industry and provide crime prevention education for the trade. Our partnership with law enforcement agencies across Canada has become critical to our success. JVC's mission is to keep the industry vibrant, strong and a safe place to do business while ensuring consumer confidence.

This is a summary of what JVC does for the jewellery and watch industry.

  • JVC provides a comprehensive crime prevention package to the Canadian jewellery industry with the support from our crime prevention partners, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. The impact this program has had and continues to have on our industry and law enforcement is measurable in the growth of our police contacts and database and in the testimonials from industry crime members applauding our efforts and relaying anecdotes on how JVC Alerts averted a crime in their business.
  • JVC continues to work closely with law enforcement to provide intelligence and understanding of the jewellery industry both in Canada and worldwide.
  • JVC establishes industry guidelines such as the newly revised Jewellery Appraisal Guidelines- Minimum Acceptable Standards and the Canad ian Guidelines with Respect to the Sale and Mark eting of Diamonds, Coloured Gemstones and Pearls- Revised Edition 2013.
  • JVC advises consumers and mediates with the trade on their behalf.
  • JVC advises the trade and deals with trade complaints against other members.
  • JVC advocates fair competition and works with the Competition Bureau to ensure compliance to The Competition Act and the Precious Metals Mark ing Act and with Measurement Canada to ensure comp lia nce with the Weights and Measures Act.
  • JVC works with Canadian government agencies such as Industry Canada , Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), Department of Ind ian and Northern Affairs (DIAND), Department of Finance and FINTRAC on issues that affect our industry.
  • JVC represents the Canadian industry at a Federal Government Public/Private Sector Committee on Anti-Money Laundering (AML). In addition, JVC in conjunction with the CJA developed an Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Kit to assist industry in fulfilling your obligations under the AML/ATF Regulations regulated by FINTRAC.
  • JVC administers the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Authenticating Canad ian Diamond Claims (the Code) and Chairs the Canad ian Diamond Code Committee (CDCC) .
JVC’s contact information
Jewellers Vigilance Canada
27 Queen St. East, Ste. 600
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2M6
Tel: 416-368-4840, 1-800-636-9536 Fax: 416-368-5552

How JVC Works

JVC has a volunteer Board of Directors made up of various leaders of the Canadian jewellery and watch industry, represented by retailers and supply members. Board members include refiners, manufacturers, appraisers and large chain retailers. The bulk of the trade, small chains and independently owned single store retailers, are also represented on the board.

The current mandate covers the following issues and concerns of the jewellery industry:

  • crime prevention
  • consumer mediation
  • precious metals marking
  • intellectual property rights
  • misleading advertising
  • deceptive marketing
  • industry standards and guidelines
  • illegal activity
  • fraud, smuggling, telemarketing fraud
  • providing an industry spokesperson

Every year JVC receives and deals with numerous consumer calls expressing concerns, questions or complaints about the jewellery industry.

JVC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does JVC do?

  • Crime prevention
  • Jewellery Industry Watchdog
  • Consumer Mediation
  • Trade Mediation
  • Set Industry Guidelines

2. How do I choose a jeweller?

  • Check with the JVC to see if there are any outstanding complaints that are unresolved
  • Follow JVC's "Buying Tips" (see JVC Services)

3. How do I choose a jewellery appraiser?

JVC recommends that where possible choose an Accredited Appraiser.

4. What do I do if I'm experiencing difficulty or have a concern with a jeweller?

Contact JVC in writing with your complaint. (see JVC Services)

5. How far can JVC take a complaint?

JVC acts in an advisory capacity and as a mediator. We have no legal authority, however, we can take a complaint through to a civil resolution but cannot take any legal action.

6. I received an appraisal with my jewellery purchase, but when I had it appraised by another appraiser, the values were very different. What should I do?

JVC recommends you have a third appraisal done by an accredited appraiser. Depending on what that appraisal comes back as we will then discuss your course of action.

7. I bought a piece of jewellery and did not get a receipt. Now the item is broken and the jeweller will not take it back. What do I do?

Always get a receipt, no matter what kind of deal you work out with the jeweller. Without proof of purchase there is very little recourse.

8. I was offered a great deal on a diamond ring from a jeweller. The price is much less than anywhere else I've shopped. Should I buy it?

Remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, chances are it is! Click here for buying tips.

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