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Help put a stop to unprofessional, sub-standard jewellery appraisals! Become part of the Accredited Appraiser Program.

Ensuring that your appraisals are professional means upholding your legal responsibilities, earning consumer confidence, and gaining the support of the insurance industry - it’s just good business.

Anyone who provides gem or jewellery appraisals in Canada is right for this program. And the time is now!

Enroll at any level before the year 2000 and have your name entered in a draw for a free Year 2000 membership.

Arrangements can be made to write the final Minimum Standards Guidelines Exam either at the CJI offices or during Jewellery World Expo to be held August 9 and 10, 1999.

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The Accredited Appraiser Program is

  • dedicated to the achievement of professionalism, high ethical standards and continuing appraisal education
  • an instrument by which to recognize experienced appraisers of proven integrity who maintain and adhere to the highest standards of appraisal professionalism.

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Be part of the solution ...

The Accredited Appraiser Program (AAP) of the Canadian Jewellers Institute (CJI) is open to anyone with an active interest in the field of gem and jewellery appraising.

The Accredited Appraisal Program has the support of Industry Canada ...

"Industry Canada supports the Canadian Jewellers Institute’s Accredited Appraiser Program as a way of promoting sound competition by setting benchmarks for behavior in the marketplace and encouraging individuals and companies to conduct themselves in a manner that benefits both themselves and the broader consumer community."

The CJI is working with the Jewellers Vigilance Canada to garner widespread support of the Canadian insurance industry.

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Membership Levels

Candidate Member

  • provide proof of completion of, or enrollment in, an industry-related course such as jewellery sales training, diamond grading, gemmology, or similar
  • abide by the AAP Standards and Code of Ethics
  • $125 membership fee for a period of one year submitted with application

Associate Member

  • hold one of the following gemmology designations: FCGmA, CGA, GG, FGA, CG, FGAA
  • have at least three years Canadian jewellery industry experience
  • have a minimum of three Diamond Grading Masters certified by GIA, AGS or HRD or a minimum of five certified CZ Grading Masters acquired within the last two years and tested annually for deterioration
  • have completed the colour blindness and hue discrimination tests
  • have a gem lab on the premises
  • have a current gem library on the premises
  • abide by the AAP Standards and the Code of Ethics upon acceptance
  • write and pass the Jewellery Appraisal Guidelines exam
  • membership fee of $150 for a period of one year submitted with application. (If graduating to the Accredited Member level within one year, membership fee can be credited to this higher level.)

Accredited Member

  • complete requirements listed above for Associate Membership
  • have a minimum of three Diamond Grading Master certified by GIA, AGS or HRD
  • have completed the ISA Canadian Core courses or Anna Miller’s Master Valuer program, or, write a practical/theory exam targeted at long-established industry professionals performing appraisals and who meet all of the above requirements
  • display the signed Code of Ethics at place of appraising business
  • pass the required Jewellery Appraisal Guidelines exam
  • agree to present the names of Accredited Appraisers to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
  • membership fee of $250 payable each year

A certificate of achievement is provided upon completion of each level.

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