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Jewellers Vigilance Crime Alert


The Jewellery Industry Watchdog and Crime Prevention Association in partnership with the RCMP

June 2006


3rd Subject Convicted in Shooting – East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill – January 16th 2000

A jury in Whitby convicted Giuseppe Marinni of Toronto, on manslaughter and robbery charges after four days of deliberation at the end of a three month Superior Court Trial. All three suspects in this case have been convicted in the death of 23 year old jewellery store clerk Niv Erez.

Toronto Star – April 3, 2006

Man Gets Four Years for Robbery – Jewellery Store – Lasalle Boulevard – July 27th 2001

Marc McLeod, 33, pleaded guilty to armed robbery, using a weapon in the commission of an offence and wearing a disguise while committing an offence. He was sent to prison for four years. Crafton Miller, the second man in the crime, was captured within minutes of the robbery and was sentenced to six years, but was given credit for 18 months he had already served in custody.

The Sudbury Star – May 2, 2006

Man Pleads Guilty in Grab and Run – Lynden Park Mall, March 11th 2006

Brett Cutajar of Keswick will be sentenced in June 2006 for a grab and run that turned into a robbery when he shoved the store owner out of the way.

The Expositor-Brantford – May 3, 2006

Suspect Arrested – Jewellery Store Theft – Northumberland Mall – May 13th 2006

As a result of a Quinte West OPP investigation, information received led to the arrest of a 31 year old Trenton man who now faces a charge of theft over $5,000.00

0Port Hope Evening Guide – May 23, 2006

Anstett Robbers Sentenced – Robbery – London, Ontario – August 17th 2005

On May 30th 2006, the two survivors of the four masked men from Montreal who wreaked havoc and terror in a jewellery store at White Oaks Mall, plead guilty to three charges of robbery and were sentenced as the secondary players. With pre-plea time spent in custody deducted, A. Roberts ends up with a six year sentence and M. Czajkowski with four years and five months.

The London Free Press – May 31 2006

May 2006

Robberies – Peel Region, Toronto, Halton, Ontario
May 18, 2006

The person of interest shown above is responsible for four separate robberies from the jewellery counters at four popular retail department stores in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville and Brampton.

The suspect approaches a sales associate at the jewellery counter and asks to see some diamond rings. When he is presented with the merchandise he passes to the victim, a note which indicates he is carrying out a robbery and that he is armed. In all cases, the sales associates have complied and the suspect leaves the store.

The suspect has successfully carried out this same method of operation at the following locations:

1. May 6th 2006 at 3:40pm – Erin Mills Parkway
2. May 15th 2006 – Oakville Place
3. May 15th 2006 at 2:20pm – Bramalea City Centre
4. May 17th 2006 10:04am – Sherway Gardens

Suspect is described as male white, late 20’s to mid 30’s, 5’7” tall, average build, with a shaved head with some stubble growing in which appeared to be brown. He was wearing a dark jacket, a grey hooded GAP sweatshirt and blue track pants. It is believed that he is driving a stolen 2005 gold Dodge Caravan.

Anyone with information may contact investigators at the 21 Division, Criminal Investigation Bureau at (905) 453-2121, ext. 2133 or the 11 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau at (905) 453-2121, ext 1133, or Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS/8477.

Article 2006-008

April 2006


April 25, 2006

The three male subjects shown are responsible for a distraction theft at a retail jewellery store in Oakville Place, Oakville, Ontario on April 19th, 2006. They made off with high end diamond earrings and a diamond pendant. The theft has been reported to Halton Regional Police, Occurrence Number 06-28163. All three men are Caucasian and speak clear English. The male wearing the white jacket appeared to be high on drugs as he was “very hyper” and agitated. Anyone with information regarding this occurrence is asked to contact Cst. Miklos of the Halton Regional Police, Crime Stoppers or JVC at the number shown below.

In the afternoon of the same day, April 19th, 2006, these same three men attempted to distract staff in three different retail jewellery stores in Eastgate Mall, Stoney Creek, but were unsuccessful.



Article 2006-006

March 2006


March 20, 2006

There is a very well organized gang of 450 criminals operating in the US with HQ in New York, Miami and Houston targeting the jewellery industry. We have reason to believe that part of the gang operating out of Queens, New York has moved into Canada. For additional information, see attached March 2006 Bulletin from JVC entitled “Organized Jewellery Theft Ring in Canada”. Members of JVC have already received this Bulletin dated March 10th 2006.

- They speak with Spanish accents
- They are very well organized; spend a lot of time casing the salesmen or the retail store
- They target people they think are carrying jewellery from one location to another (retail store to trunk of car or home)
- They may puncture car tires and follow their potential victims to another location to perform the robbery
- They have been known to commit crimes of “retail invasions” in the US where 8 to 10 people enter the store at the same time


- If a group enters your store, or you believe you are being cased, immediately call mall security or police
- If you think you are being followed, immediately go directly to a police or fire station or at the very least, to a very heavily populated public place.

REPORT ANY INCIDENTS TO JVC AT 1-800-636-9536, FAX 1-416-368-5552 or EMAIL info@jewellersvigilance.ca


Article 2006-003

February 2006


On February 6th, 2006, between 2:00pm and 3:32pm the subject shown above used three stolen credit cards at three different retail jewellery stores; one in Oakville Place, one in Square One Shopping Centre and one in Erin Mills Town Centre.

If this subject enters your store and attempts to use a credit card for payment, call Mall Security immediately. He is described as male/white, aged 50+, well dressed, receding hairline, mustache and glasses.

If you have any information about the subject shown above, or information in relation to the three occurrences listed, please contact Cst. Gary Hiebert, Halton Regional Police Service, (905) 825-4747, ext. 2305.

JVC recommends that in order for jewellers to protect themselves against chargebacks, they are required to obtain authorization from the credit card company. If the credit card does not electronically swipe, they must manually imprint the card to prove it was in the store at the time of the purchase.

Article 2005-083

January 2006


On Dec. 31st, 2005, two subjects, who are believed to have been sitting on a bench outside a retail jewellery store in Park Royal Shopping Centre’s south mall, allegedly entered the store at approximately 5:00 pm and within 30-40 seconds, forced open a display case and fled with a necklace. The sales staff in the store was occupied with other customers at the time of the incident. The occurrence was caught on surveillance tape.

A description of the subjects is not available at the time of this Bulletin’s publication.

The necklace is described as a tanzanite and diamond white gold necklace valued at approximately $37,000.00.

West Vancouver Police are asking anyone who knows the whereabouts of the necklace to call the Department at (604) 925-7300 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS and quote file number 06-195.

*Information obtained from The North Shore News, Friday, January 20, 2006.

Article 2005-080

December 2005


Five men and one woman have been arrested in what Police suspect is a “large scale criminal organization” targeting independent jewellery wholesalers in York region, Toronto and Mississauga.

Police are seeking the public’s help in locating a 7th male, Ismael Hernandez-Bernal, a 23 year old man of Spanish descent who frequents the Toronto area. Anywone who knows his whereabouts is asked to call police at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7241, or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS.

An investigation began in May of this year focusing on 15 separate jewellery thefts which occurred between May and November. Det. Const. Jeff Bright of York region’s Property Crime Unit states that “This investigation is enormous. It’s still an ongoing investigation but it’s not just ongoing here. We’re looking at least throughout the province.”

He also stated that “(The suspected thieves) were very specific about who they targeted and they put a lot of work into it.” He added that the thefts weren’t violent in nature and that they didn’t target (jewellery) stores themselves, but the wholesalers and clients.

* Information for this Bulletin has been obtained from articles printed in The Toronto Star, Dec. 1, 2005 and Dec. 2, 2005 publications.

Article 2005-068


November 2005


On Saturday, November 19th, 2005 at approximately 10:30 am, a male suspect armed with a gun entered a retail jewellery store at the Bayfield Mall in Barrie, Ontario. Unconfirmed reports indicate the suspect fled the store with two diamond rings.

“While he (the suspect) walked into the store alone, the man ran outside to the parking lot and got into a van that police said was being driven by another man. The pair fled away from the mall, and a few minutes later crashed their vehicle outside an Oren Street home. The van had been reported stolen.”

“The two suspects then fled on foot and police began a search with the K-9 unit. Officers armed with rifles continued searching subdivisions near the mall Saturday afternoon.”

“The robbery suspect is described as a white male in his late 20’s, about 6’3”, 190 lbs with dirty blonde curly hair that Police believe could have been a wig. He was wearing a dark blue ski jacket, dark coloured pants and a black toque. Investigators found a wig, toque and jacket in the area of the crash.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Barrie Police at (705) 725-7025.

*Information obtained from The Barrie Examiner, News Section, Monday, Nov. 21st, 2005 edition.

September 2005


While in Toronto on Monday, September 12th, 2005, Nadeem Ali and Johanne Seguin of Segali Gems Inc. were victims of a break and enter auto, and theft.

Product of substantial monetary value was stolen from their vehicle while it was parked at a fast food restaurant in Toronto. They had positioned themselves in the restaurant so that they had, what they believed to be, a clear view of the vehicle, but the thieves managed to position themselves at the side of the car that was not facing the eatery. They had equipment to make a hole in the window of the car over the door handle in order to gain entry to the vehicle. Toronto Police have video tape from the restaurant and are attempting to enhance the images in order to identify the thieves.

It is believed that the thieves had followed them from Montreal. Their car broke down in Toronto and a repair garage informed them that wires on the underside of the vehicle had been severed.

The stolen product included loose stones as well as high end quality beads, briolettes, dancing cubes, twisted briolettes, twisted cubes, hearts and faceted tumbles. Johanne states that most of her customers would recognize them immediately as being product from Segali Gems Inc.

If any of our JVC members is presented with this product, or has any information regarding this incident, please contact Jewellers Vigilance Canada at the number shown below.


August 2005

ROBBERY/SMASH & GRAB – London, Ontario –FOLLOW UP* August 26, 2005

Numerous newspaper articles have been published, and several television reports have aired regarding the Smash & Grab incident in London, Ontario, (Ref. JVC Bulletin #2005-052.)

To Summarize:

- Two of the four suspects involved in this incident are now deceased, as a result of injuries received when their getaway vehicle crashed.
- One of these four men (one of the two survivors) was deported to Canada twice after serving time in a Florida prison. The other surviving suspect also did time at a prison in Cocoa, Florida.
- On July 25th, 2005 JVC sent a letter to Chief William Blair of The Toronto Police Service, indicating concerns over the violent robberies that had taken place in the Toronto area.
- Police are investigating whether these four Quebecers are linked to six Toronto holdups, some dating back to February 2004, and one hold-up in Windsor, Ontario March 7th, 2005. (Ref. JVC Bulletin # 2005-019)
- A Detective from Toronto’s Hold Up Squad said the two forces discussed parallels between the Toronto and London holdups, but Toronto police will have to wait until London investigators work through an extensive amount of evidence before doing anything else.
- A Toronto Police Constable remembers vividly, a jewellery heist in Toronto’s west end in 1997, in which he was held at gunpoint. One of the four suspects from the White Oaks robbery was involved in this robbery. This suspect is now one of the deceased.

*All of the above information has been obtained from articles printed in The London Free Press, written by Kelly Pedro, Kate Dubinski, Joe Belanger, Melinda Dalton and Randy Richmond.


During the months of June and July, 2005, three retail jewellery stores were victims of armed robberies.

The suspects who carried out the two armed robberies in Toronto entered the stores wearing disguises, and were armed with guns which were used to threaten store staff. Display cases were smashed with baseball bats and hammers and a large quantity of jewellery and watches was stolen. Details of these incidents are outlined in Bulletins 2005-041 and 2005-044 produced by JVC.

The attempted robbery in Markham involved a struggle between store staff and the two armed suspects who eventually fled the store empty-handed. However, during the scuffle, a gunshot was fired which went through a wall and into and adjoining submarine sandwich shop. Details of this incident are outlined in Bulletin 2005-045 produced by JVC.

Anyone with information regarding these three occurrences is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS or the JVC at the number shown below.

Jewellers Vigilance Canada has contacted the Toronto Chief of Police regarding the recent increasing level of violent robberies against jewellers in the greater Toronto area, in the hopes of developing a greater police focus on these violent armed robberies.

July 2004


Jewellery Crime Alert
Jewellery Crime Alert Ontario



Suspect for several robberies of jewellery stores in Ontario during the past few months. The most recent robbery in the Pickering Town Center July 13/04, during which time he indicated he had a gun and forced the employees into the back room and obtained a quantity of diamonds. On other occasions he viewed diamond rings then produced a note indicating he had a gun. For further information please contact JVC at 1-800-636-9536 or York Regional Police Holdup Squad at 905-773-1221 Ext. 7873. JVC has contacted Toronto Police in an attempt to get a province wide crime stoppers alert released on this suspect.

December 2003

A downtown St. Catharines jewellery store was robbed Monday in a daring daylight robbery. Niagara Regional Police said a man entered the jewellery store, on Lake St., at about 1:20 p.m. Monday, produced a handgun and announced there was going to be a robbery.

He sprayed an unknown noxious substance at staff and a female customer.
The suspect then smashed two glass display cases and took a quantity of
jewellery. He was last seen fleeing northbound on Lake Street in a red Ford Windstar van. The van had been reported stolen from the Fairview Mall in St. Catharines the day before.

One of the store employees sustained minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital. No injuries were reported by anyone else.

The suspect is described as a white male, 25-35 years old. He is about 5 feet, 10 inches tall with a medium build, and about 185 pounds.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact JVC or Niagara Regional Police, #11 Division, at 905-688-4111, ext. 4272, or call Crime stoppers at

November 2003

On Wednesday November 12, 2003 a jewellery store clerk in Edmonton was victim of a suspect who stole a $12,500.00 watch and ran from the store with it. The clerk pursued the suspect who turned and pointed a gun at him. The suspect told the clerk to back off and ran into the LRT. The foot chase continued and police became involved. Officers eventually caught the suspect and were wrestling with him when the clerk came upon the scene. The sore clerk knew the suspect was armed but couldn’t see the gun so he kicked the suspect in the head. An imitation gun was recovered. The actions of the store clerk have been documented and sent to the local Crown prosecutor to see if criminal charges are warranted. The suspect, Edmund Cory Beauchamp, 35, has been arrested and charged with the Robbery.

September 2003

On September 17, 2003 three men broke into a jewellers home where he conducts his business. They tied him to a chair and beat him with fists and guns. They then cut his arm with an exacto knife at which point he gave them the combination to the safe. They made off with over $200,000.00 worth of jewellery. Arrests have been made in this case including the victims adopted daughter.

August 2003

On August 3, 2003 the Jubilee Fine Jewellers of the Rideau Center was the scene of a second major robbery in three weeks. Three armed masked men entered the store shortly after 12 noon and pointed their guns at staff members.The men used a sledge hammer to smash the display cases and stuffed more than $200,000.00 worth of diamond rings and other jewellery into duffle bags. The trio made good their escape to an awaiting getaway car.

June 2003

While it was business as usual at Jubilee Fine Jewellery in Rideau Centre Ottawa one of the owners is still trying to shake the image of an enraged man pressing a gun to her head. The image pales when compared to the gut wrenching words coming from her 18year old daughter. "Please don't kill my mommy," the teen tearfully pleaded as she stood next to her mother.

Three masked men walked in around 1:30pm on June 15th waving guns. They ordered the staff an customers to the floor and smashed several display cases and grabbed $250,000 worth of watches and jewellery.

Two of the men fled to a waiting car and were chased by police throughout the streets of Ottawa. They were captured when the left their vehicle and fled through backyards. The third suspect had been captured in the mall by mall security.

July 2002

July was the month for Break and Enters into stores in Ontario. Thieves would break a door window leading into the malls and then smash a window or door into the jewellery store. Once inside the stores the subjects would then smash showcases containing watches removing as many units as possible in less than 3 minutes.

June 2002

Avram Sufrin, owner of Richview Jewellers was confronted by a man pointing a shotgun in his face. The gun man was joined by three masked men with hammers , who smashed through Sufrin's display cases and made off with a large amount of diamond rings and pendants.

May 2002

May has been distraction month in Ontario. Peoples Jewellers in Windsor, Reeds Jewellers in Burlington, Mappins Jewellers in Mississauga and Charms Jewellers in Ottawa have all been victims of distraction crimes. The suspects in all cases have managed to get staff members to hand them too many rings or staff have been distracted and the suspect simply reaches into an open showcase and removes a diamond ring without the staff realizing. JVC recommends that only one item at a time is given to a customer and when showing merchandise the showcase door should be closed.

April 2002

On Thursday April 11th two men entered the Birks Jewellery store on Bloor St West in Toronto Ontario. One man was armed with a handgun. Over $750,000.00 in diamonds was stolen from the store. The diamond have serial numbers and can be identified.

On Tuesday April 16th a lone male subject was successful in switching a diamond ring from a Jeweller in Mapleview Mall, Burlington Ontario. A $10,000.00 diamond solitaire was obtained. The subject had been in the store several times before making the switch. The subject was described as Male white 60-65 years 5ft 7 or 5ft 8in. Heavy set. Salt and pepper hair with receding hairline. Heavy lensed glasses with a French accent. Was using the name Jean Paul. Well dressed with polo shirt and dress pants. Hugh gold and diamond pinky ring. He visited many stores in Mapleview Mall as well as Limeridge Mall in Hamilton Ontario.

On Tuesday March 12th, two men entered a jewellery store in St Bruno Quebec. They went to a sales associate grabbed her by the arm and took her behind the diamond counter. They ordered the sales associate to open every diamond counter. The two men then put the merchandise in a black leather bag. The subjects left the store using a fire exit. The subjects chained the exit door so they could not be followed. Both men were wearing masks and spoke English.

January 2002

A pair of bandits robbed a Cownasville Jewellery Store leaving the owner tied up in the bathroom. At 12:40pm two men wearing masks entered Bijouterie Populaire. They tied up the owner and loaded rings chains and bracelets into a van. They also cut the telephone lines. Anyone with information should contact Cowansville Police at 450-263-2333

December 2001

Charms Jewellers in 1000 Island Mall Brockville was struck by a theft who admired pricey diamond ings. The suspect was described as 6ft tall 180 lbs brown hair with a red tinge. He was wearing a yellow hip length rain jacket. He made his escape in a blue or green dodge van.

November 2001

Birks Jewellery Store in St. John New Brunswick is offering a $2500.00 reward for information on an armed robbery at the King St Store. The suspect desc. as a male around 30 to 40 years, 170 to 190lbs 5ft 9in to 5ft 11in placed the stolen jewellery in a bag. The man had a reddish mustache and possibly a silver tooth.

Mappins Jewellers was robbed at gun point on the 9th November 2001. As the suspect was fleeing the mall he was confronted by a police officers. The suspect was shot during the confrontation. Although the suspects injuries were serious they were not life threatening. Police are investigating the possibilty that this individual was also responsible for an armed robbery in the same mall in September.


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